Friday, December 26, 2014


Can someone map the limits of my failures
Cartographers unite to find the lines
And bring the scope of loss to comprehension
And find the missing acres of my time

The should have could have aught tos
The if I'd only trieds
The procrastinationousity
That cost me so much fire

The loss and loss and loss and loss
The ever present not to be
Oh find my might haves in the pile
And bring them back to me

Or at the least their corpses find
And sing aloud their requiem
The mourning song to fuel their pyre
That should burn me instead of them 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Instead of Protest

I support the staging of protests, if I feel like the protestors are going after a particular goal. "Cops are mean" and the "Lives Matter" are the lamest banners of protest since "Corporate Greed is bad"; serving no tangible purpose, defining no comprehensible goals. Protest is a sledge hammer, excellent for breaking up enormous legal, political and societal boulders. What the country really needs right now is a lot of rock blankets. Repetitive, thoughtful, intimate fixes that have little to do with changing the laws. The process is going to be boring and lack clear short term rewards, but the results could be beautiful.

Want to change the situation? 
-Get informed about and then vote in local elections. 
-Run for local government, especially the thankless, frustrating positions.
-Embrace jury duty. 
-Become a police officer, or at least volunteer for your local precinct if they have available programs. 
-Find a tutoring program to help low income kids. 
-STOP engaging in any activity with the potential to finance criminal activity. This includes media piracy and smoking weed. 

The list is endless, but all of these things result in a level of community engagement that is largely foreign to my generation. All of the protests, every broken window and even the angry words will be of value if they result in more young people taking the reins in the mundane, thankless trudge of responsible, thoughtful local government. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013


As though the smell of love itself
Lingering, haunting
Definition defying 
But flooding your soul
With unstoppable knowing
And aching and longing
And memory's mischief
Spiteful and laughing
And fading
And wafting
Just out of your reach,
Loose in the room
With the lift of a lid
And the fleeing of steam

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I write your name
In elegance
In hope of grace of form

Musical shapes
Lettered affection
A kiss in ink and paper

All silent as my love for you
And likewise destined 
To be crumpled